2015 Onsite MRO Exams
The most up-to-date resource for workplace drug testing and the best possible
preparation for the MRO Certification Exam. This newly revised reference provides:
A comprehensive, well-organized resource for MROs and MRO Assistants
Excellent preparation for MRO certification examination
Authoritative reference of the latest regulations and standards of practice
Discussion about testing for prescription opiates and other medications
Discussion about alternative specimen tests
Perfect companion for the MRO Team Manual
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Testing for substances of abuse, both alcohol and drugs, is now the rule rather than the exception in settings as diverse as  the
workplace, the doctor's office, and in many schools throughout the country.  The Drug-Free Workplace Act affects all federal agencies;
and mandatory alcohol and drug testing is now required of all intrastate truckers, commercial driver's license holders, and other
transportation workers. And in joint government agreements, the United States, Canada, and Mexico monitor truckers crossing
international borders.

  More than 60 percent of large private employers require drug and alcohol testing, and over 20 million forensic drug test 
  specimens are processed by certified laboratories every year.  The results of these laboratory tests are reviewed and
  interpreted by thousands of highly-qualified physicians acting as MROCC-certified Medical Review Officers (MROs).

The MRO field is a complex and rapidly evolving area due to technical advances, regulatory changes, new patterns of abuse, and the
ever-evolving bank of knowledge gained from past years of experience.  Federal regulations require MRO qualification and re-
qualification training followed by certification and re-certification by a nationally recognized MRO Certification board every 5 years.
MROCC MRO certification examinations are SAMHSA & DOT approved and recognized.
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to begin the Certification or Recertification process.
MRO Certification exams may be taken
online or onsite.  Onsite exams are
administered immediately following MRO
training courses.  In 2015, onsite
proctored exams will be held:
March 8: 2pm-5pm - Tampa, FL
May 3: 8am-11am - Baltimore, MD
July 19: 2pm-5pm - Chicago, IL
November 8: 2pm-5pm - TBD

For training course information contact the
American College of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) at acoem.org
or 847.818.1800
Applying for Certification
Search the MRO Directory
MROCC's Guide to Drug Testing. 5th Edition Now Available
Currently-certified Medical Review Officers are listed in the MROCC Directory
on this website.  Contact information is included as well as a notation regarding
whether new clients are being solicited.

The Medical Review Officer Certification Council  
is a 501 (c) non-profit corporation offering MRO  
certification to physicians (M.D., D.O. or equivalent)  
who have had appropriate and specific training in  
the duties and the responsibilities of the  
professional medical review officer.  And for well-
qualified non-physician Team Members, MROCC  
offers MRO Assistant Certification to validate their  
many and varied administrative duties associated  
within the drug testing evaluation process.
Promoting and Preserving the Highest
Quality of Standards Among MROs & Teams.
MROCC offers its Certification examinations in a
convenient, cost-efficient online format - as well as
the traditional pencil and paper format.  For
qualifying physicians, take the MROCC Certification
examination online ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and from
ANY PLATFORM - when and where it is convenient:
at home, in your office --
ANYWHERE with a highspeed Internet connection. 

Results are always immediate, secure, & accurate!
ONSITE EXAMS following MRO Courses
Traditional Proctored examination
admininstrations scheduled following MRO
training courses throughout the year!
MROCC offers its Certification examinations in a  
proctored setting immediately following scheduled  
MRO training courses throughout the year.  This is a  
convenient way for physicians to take the training  
and examination in one location at one time.

And, for those who would like a little more study  
time, MROCC offers an online certification  
examination that can be accessed from any  
computer with Internet connection.
ONLINE EXAMS with your Internet Connetion
Convenient online Certification Exams for
Initial & Recertification Candidates!
In this rapidly changing arena it is crucial for MROs to be up to date in the latest technologies, prcedures and regulations.  MROCC's challenging and innovative manuals and CME activities are written by leaders in the field of drug testing, and provide practical and detailed learning experiences for MROs in both regulated and non-regulated testing programs.

All our of manuals are published by OEM HEALTH INFORMATION  (OEM PRESS) - the leader in OEM publications.
MANUALS & RESOURCES Relevant-Practical-Timely
Resources, Manuals & CME | MOC Activities
that are relevant, timely and instructive
The Medical Review Officer Certification Council
continues its highly-successful credentialing program
for Medical Review Officer Assistants (non-physician
staff members).  This three-year certification -
awarded upon successful completion and passing of
the MROCC MRO-A online examination --
acknowledges competency in those practical skills the
MRO Assistant applies in fulfilling his or her
professional responsibilities within the workplace
drug testing arena.
MRO ASSISTANT Certification
Certification for Well-Qualified &
Proficient non-physician Team Members
Medical Review Officer
Certification Council