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                                   Medical Review Officer Code of Ethics

Medical Review Officers Shall:

Behave in a professional manner as befits all activities of a physician, regardless of whether a true physician-patient relationship exists.

Maintain the highest standards of practice and perform all professional functions with honesty and integrity.

Handle and transmit laboratory results in an accurate, direct, precise and confidential manner and strive for objectivity in dealing with all aspects of the drug testing system.

Maintain scientific standards and appropriate application of science in the review process and refrain from any misrepresentation of the laboratory evidence or the scientific or technical basis of drug testing.

Demonstrate a commitment to the development and maintenance of professional competence and personal scientific knowledge.

Refrain from misuse of private information as may come to light in an interview with the donor. Employee or donor confidentiality is to be protected as much as possible in all cases.

Not currently misuse/abuse or be dependent on illegal drugs or alcohol, and not misuse/abuse prescription medications.

Approved July 15, 2003
Updated October 8, 2008
Certification Council