Medical Review Officer

Promoting and Preserving the Highest Quality of Standards Among MROs and Their Teams.


A list of approved courses for certification and recertification is provided below. For training course information contact the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) at 847.818.1800 or the American Osteopathic College of Occupational & Preventive Medicine (AOCOPM) at 800.558.8686. In addition to the courses below, MROCC will also accept MRO training courses completed through the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO).


The MROCC onsite certification examination is administered immediately following MRO training courses offered by ACOEM and AOCOPM. Course registration is separate and is completed through the course sponsor. An onsite MRO training course is required for initial certification. Those applying for recertification have the option of completing an onsite MRO training course or the MROCC "at home" self-study activity (see details below). Onsite course attendees can also opt to take the MROCC examination online following completion of the onsite course.

MROCC "AT HOME" SELF-STUDY CME ACTIVITY (Applicable for Recertification only)

As part of the recertification process, an approved MRO training course must be completed in the 5 years preceding the recertification examination and prior to taking the examination. Please note: Training used previously to fulfill the requirements to get certified/recertified as an MRO cannot be reused. The training requirement may be fulfilled by either the MROCC "At Home" Self-Study CME activity or an approved onsite MRO training course (see above). More detailed information on the MROCC "At Home" self-study option is available by selecting the appropriate link below.